by Arthur Correa on 8/24/2009
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This past weekend my wife and I went out with some friends to Firefly's restauraunt in Marlborough.  It was great!

First we started off in the bar and got some drinks, we all had a different specialty cocktail.  Unfortunately I forget the names of most of the ones we got, but they were all good, and a great way to start off the night. 

Then at around 8 or so we moved into Dante's, and ordered dinner.  We ended up going with the an appetizer of bbq chips, a Picnic for 4 with macaroni and cheese and bbq beans as sides. We also tried to order a Waffle Lot O Chicken, but they were out of waffles (seriously?  How can you be out of waffles?  And at the begninng of the night no less) so we ended up just getting an order of Fried Chicken with some sweet potato fries.

So how was the food?  It was great.  The bbq chips were awesome, I was bummed we didn't get two orders of those.   They were just like home made chips, but there wasn't a single overcooked one.  And the BBQ flavoring was some sort of dusting on there that you couldn't really see, but that gave them a great full BBQ flavor.

The picnic?  The ribs were very great, maybe not the best I've ever had, but they were definitely in the top 10.  The one side dish that everyone raved about was the macaroni and cheese.  That was probably the best macaroni and cheese I have ever had.   Lets what else did this have?  The Pulled Pork that came with this was great, especially when it was mixed with the beans (and actually REALLY good with Mac and cheese as well).  The BBQ chicken was also good, but I ate more of the pork and ribs than the chicken when it was all over with. 

I actually didn't have any of the Fried Chicken so I can't talk to that, and I'm not a fan of sweet potato fries so I didn't have any of that either.  From what my wife and friends said, they were both good.

Ok so we finished eating and at about 9:30 or so a live band, Insufficient Funds, came on and performed for a few hours.  Were they good?  Yeah they were great.  They seemed like they were having a good time, at least I know the singer was.  It was pretty funny, there were a few times between verses that the singer would go up to the bar and order a beer before it was time to sing again.  Nope, not between songs, between verses, yup you read it right.  Like I said, it was pretty funny.

At any rate the band was good.  The singer had a great voice for the songs they were singing (which makes sense I guess).  The guitarist and bassist were both awesome, and they had a saxaphone guy, who was also great, that was the spitting image of one of my uncles, just about 2 feet shorter.  So we called him Little Frank all night.  The drummer was pretty on, but to be honest he kinda bugged me.  He just made way to many faces and got himself way to worked up in my opinion.  Maybe its just that I had just seen Rush:30 on tv a few weeks ago, and saw Neil Pert, the greatest drummer I've ever seen, just sit there and do his job insanely well without theatrics.  I dunno.  when you compared him to the rest of the band, he kinda stuck out a bit.   

Anyway, the band was good, we sang along with all the songs (that is my wife, the walking encyclopedia of song lyrics did, the rest of us nodded our heads to the beat), and my wife got up and danced a few times (not me I'm rythmically challenged). 

So all in all it was a great night.  We had good food, good music, and a lot of fun.  I highly recommend both the restauraunt and the band.


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