by Arthur Correa on 9/1/2009
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For those who haven't heard yet, Disney apparently is buying Marvel for 4 billion dollars.  If you ready anything on this blog you probably know that I'm a big Disney fan.  Well I'm also a big Marvel fan.  Back when I was a kid I collected comics, Marvel comics mainly.  I never really got into the DC title.  Sure a few like Shadow of the Bat were good, and I was always a Green Lantern fan, but I definitely read more Marvel than DC.  Series like New Warriors, Nova, X-Men, Wolverine, Thor, and the Incredible Hulk were always my favorites (especially the Peter David/Dale Keown years). 

So when I heard about this I was actually pretty excited.  I know there is a lot of concern that Disney is going to kill a lot of classic Marvel characters by making them cute/cuddly/PC.  Essentialy going corporate with them.  And I admit that concern may not be completely wrong, but I just don't see Disney doing that.   I think Iger is smart enough to know to leave a good business alone (and right now, with all the great movies, Marvel is a good business), at least that's my opinion based upon how they've handled Pixar so far.

Anyway here are some cool disney mashups.  I'd buy 90% of these on a t-shirt (especially the last Disney/Avengers one, or the Donald/Wolverine one).



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