by Arthur Correa on 10/10/2014
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I saw this post and felt sick to my stomach.  I can't believe that Disney is testing elminating a wait for any line.  To me part of a vacation is the ability to kick back and go with the flow, make things up as you go along.  I know with Disney there is a growing segment of the population that feels like its a once in a lifetime trip, and they want it to be perfect.  So they plan everything down to the last minute.  

However these are also the type of people that come home and say Disney is a terrible place to go.  Once their finally laid out plans fail in some way either due to a kid being too tired to git up at the crack of dawn, or taking to long (in the parents minds) to eat their lunch, or a ride going down unexpectedly, or a lunch seating running late, or it starts to rain, or you get the idea...   Anyway once those finely laid plans break down these people just can't deal with the change and the whole day is ruined.  

We experience this all the time.  We go to try a ride, and its down, or the wether isn't what we expected it to be outside so we shift and change our plans.  Or maybe one of our kids really wants an ice cream.  Should we say no, we have to go to a ride now because we have a reservation?  That's a stupid way to vacation with your family.  Way to make great memories.  My kids both locked onto certain rides when they were very young, and we did them over and over again.  The kids had a blast, my wife and I enjoyed watching them have a blast and we have great memories.

On top of that this whole "I can't wait for a ride" mentality is just childish.  Would I rather not wait in line for a ride?  Of course I would, I'd love to just walk onto a ride.  However waiting is not the end of the world.  Patiences is actually something of a good thing, and learning to wait for something that you want to do is not a bad lesson for children.  If your kid is a beast in line, maybe its a sign that you could be doing more to teach them patience?  I'm not saying my own kids are always angels, they get miserable just like others, but make it fun, play some games.  We do I Spy, Fun with props, Charades, 20 questions, look at pictures we've taken, take goofy pictures, whatever we can think of.  The line is what you make of it.

Disney has way to many moving parts to successfully plan out to a T the entire trip.  You just can't do it.  What happens to your schedule if your kid loves Country Bears soo much and just wants to go on it over and over and over again?  If Disney likes this test and completely eliminates lines in all their rides, then you just won't be able to do that.  The entire spontanaeity will be gone from the parks.  Some of my best memories have been spur of the moment things that just happened to make a real Disney memory.

For example.  My wife and I honeymooned at Disney.  On the first night of our trip we were supposed to eat at the Liberty Tree Tavern.  However we were rookies at the time and got trapped on the wrong side of the parade route and weren't up to plowing through the crowds, and waiting for a cast member approved gap in the parade to squeeze through to get across.  So instead we wandered over to Fantasyland and on a whim checked to see if we could get in at Cinderella's Royal Table (which was then King Stefan's Banquet hall).  Surprisingly they had a table, great we go in, and get seated right next to a window with a nice view of Fantasyland.  Fantastic, this is working out great.  Then while in the middle of a nice meal, the fireworks go off for the night, and we had a front row seat.   A spontaneous moment of Disney magic that turned us into Disney fans for life right then and there.  If Disney takes away these random moments by forcing you to plan everything with no room for error they lose a bit of their magic.

But wait you say, my example was for a sit down meal thats different!  Have you ever tried to walk up to Be Our Guest or Cinderella's Royal Table without a prior reservation?  Good luck with that, how would that make you feel on your trip.


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