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This opinion might not be popular, but a recent trip to Walt Disney World has convinced me that Disney Fastpass+ is great for Disney's bottom line, but is horrible for visitors to Walt Disney World. For those that aren't familiar with it, you can read all the details about it at Disney's site here.  The gist of it is you reserve a place in line for up to three rides a day to help shorten your wait time for those three rides.  Disney tries to sell it as allowing you to get on the rides you want with fewer lines, but honestly, it really doesn't deliver on even that promise. So why don' t I like it? Let's start at the beginning.  The planning stage. Fastpass+ can force you to plan months in advance when you don't know what that day will bring. You can book your fast passes 30 or 60 days before you visit (depending on if you're staying at a Disney Hotel).  At first, that sounds like it's a good thing.  You get to make sure before you even go that you'll be abl
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I saw this post and felt sick to my stomach.  I can't believe that Disney is testing elminating a wait for any line.  To me part of a vacation is the ability to kick back and go with the flow, make things up as you go along.  I know with Disney there is a growing segment of the population that feels like its a once in a lifetime trip, and they want it to be perfect.  So they plan everything down to the last minute.   However these are also the type of people that come home and say Disney is a terrible place to go.  Once their finally laid out plans fail in some way either due to a kid being too tired to git up at the crack of dawn, or taking to long (in the parents minds) to eat their lunch, or a ride going down unexpectedly, or a lunch seating running late, or it starts to rain, or you get the idea...   Anyway once those finely laid plans break down these people just can't deal with the change and the whole day is ruined.   We experience
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Now before I get into this.  I first want to establish that I'm a Disney fan.  My family and I have seen/own all the Pixar movies to date (including Toy Story 3, reasons below), and enjoy them  The Incredibles is one of my top 10 movies to watch.  We go to Walt Disney World at least once a year (sometimes more), we belong to the Disney Vacation Club.  In short, we're only a Disneyana membership short of being feral Disney addicts. That being said i really don't undestand the hype around Toy Story 3.  From what I can tell its just a rehash of Toy Story 2 wth the major roles reversed.  In Toy Story 2 (TS2 from now on)  Woody is the one freaking out about his lot in life, and the rest of the gang is trying to make him feel better.  In Toy Story 3 (TS3) its the opposite, the whole gang is freaking out about their lot in life and Woody is the one trying to make them feel better.  So right out of the gate the overall plot of the movie has a
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Like all parents, my wife and I have been struggling with getting our kids to help out more around the house.  They're good kids and they do the chores when we ask them, but like most kids they aren't crazy about the whole thing. Then a few weeks ago I was reading Influencer: The Power to Change Anything and I got an idea.  I was reading the section on changing peoples behaviors and how its hard.  You know what, I get that, I've seen it first hand in my job over the years.  In one role in particular the people I worked with were gun shy about ever trying to change peoples behaviors because they've never gotten it to stick. The book talked about how you have to give them an incentive to change their behavior, one that appeals to their ethics, morals, and points of view while also interesting them enough to stick with it.  As I read about that I started thinking about how I could use this to help my kids do chores. Now I've also been a video gamer for years, a
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I don't think I like this new version of Monopoly.  From what I remember about playing Monopoly as a kid half the fun was cheating.  And isn't that what a monopoly is really all about anyway? It was always fun trying to sneak out on not paying the rent when the property owner forgot to check, or slipping yourself an extra 50 from the bank when no one else was looking. Not to mention the fact for some reason that all seeing tower makes me feel like I'm sneaking through Mordor, Just saying.  
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As someone who is an avid reader I find the ramifications of the Google Book Settlement disturbing.  If you want more information check out this post here.  Now I'm not a huge fan of how Google does business to begin with (in the interest of full disclosure I do have an Android phone so I do have some interaction with Google that I find enjoyable, but the way they infringe on privacy and copyrights bothers me, that and I totally don't buy they're whole "don't be evil" mantra). At any rate, the post covers 5 ways that the GBS will impact books, and it has some insightful comments so check it out
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Yes its true, after three years with the same phone I finally pulled the trigger and upgraded.  It was a long time coming.  For the last 3 or 4 months the battery life on my HTC 8525 had been nearly non existent.  On top of that the screen on the phone had been acting really funky for the last few weeks.  Every so often the screen would just go all white, and the only way to get it back would be to hard boot the phone.  Then just last week my screen developed what can best be described as a dying heartbeat.  The screen would fade to the all white state, then slowly come back to a normal screen, then fade back to white.  All within a very regular interval.  It was kind of bizarre.  Now I'm not complaining about my old phone.  Like I said it was three years old, thats gotta be like 90 in phone years right? So I switched to Verizon and got myself a Motorola Droid.  In addition to needing a new phone I'd also I had a few problems wit
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Okay so this is nowhere near the same scale as the Disney buying Marvel.  But I saw this and thought it was cool.  A Mickey Mouse that transforms into a pseudo Optimus Prime semi.  Like one of the comments said, I'd buy this just because its so obscure.  Sure its a completely useless toy, but admit it.  You're a Disney fan, you're a Transformer fan, you want one don't you.....
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For those who haven't heard yet, Disney apparently is buying Marvel for 4 billion dollars.  If you ready anything on this blog you probably know that I'm a big Disney fan.  Well I'm also a big Marvel fan.  Back when I was a kid I collected comics, Marvel comics mainly.  I never really got into the DC title.  Sure a few like Shadow of the Bat were good, and I was always a Green Lantern fan, but I definitely read more Marvel than DC.  Series like New Warriors, Nova, X-Men, Wolverine, Thor, and the Incredible Hulk were always my favorites (especially the Peter David/Dale Keown years).  So when I heard about this I was actually pretty excited.  I know there is a lot of concern that Disney is going to kill a lot of classic Marvel characters by making them cute/cuddly/PC.  Essentialy going corporate with them.  And I admit that concern may not be completely wrong, but I just don't see Disney doing that.   I think Iger is smart enou
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This past weekend my wife and I went out with some friends to Firefly's restauraunt in Marlborough.  It was great! First we started off in the bar and got some drinks, we all had a different specialty cocktail.  Unfortunately I forget the names of most of the ones we got, but they were all good, and a great way to start off the night.  Then at around 8 or so we moved into Dante's, and ordered dinner.  We ended up going with the an appetizer of bbq chips, a Picnic for 4 with macaroni and cheese and bbq beans as sides. We also tried to order a Waffle Lot O Chicken, but they were out of waffles (seriously?  How can you be out of waffles?  And at the begninng of the night no less) so we ended up just getting an order of Fried Chicken with some sweet potato fries. So how was the food?  It was great.  The bbq chips were awesome, I was bummed we didn't get two orders of those.   They were just like home made ch
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