by Arthur Correa on 4/26/2010
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There have been a few new browser games recently that have grabbed my attention lately.

First is a Flash version of Valve's Portal game.  This game is a lot of fun. I loved the original portal, and this Flash based one really keeps the feel of the original despite being in 2D. 

Next is Zombooka.  Its a physics game where you have to shoot a protectile and take out a bunch of targets.  Nothing really new, other than the fact that the targets are zombies. Who doesn't like to kill zombies?  If Left For Dead has taught us nothing its that killing zombies is fun.

Last is a browser based strategy game called Lords of Ultima.  Its takes place in the Ultima universe from the Ultima games from the late 80s and 90s, which were hugely popular to RPG fans.  Strangely though it takes place on a new world?  Uhm so are they just using the Ultima name?   Regardless from what I've seen so far its a fun little Strategy game that's worth checking out.


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