by Arthur Correa on 2/7/2011
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The latest game I've been playing is Magicka.  Its an action adventure game where you're a wizard running around you're typical medieval world casting spells.

So what's the big deal?  Well there are a few great points to bear in mind.

First there is the spellcasting system.  Essentially you're given a number of spell casting aspects you can combine for a spell.  First there are a number of elements (Fire, Earth, Lightning, Cold, Life, and Water), plus a couple of ways to enhance them (shield or arcane).  So you combine up to five of those and then specify how you want to cast the spell (as an AOE, on yourself, or as a projectile).  

You can use your spells however you want.  Do you want to just blow things up from a distance?  Then create a fireball with lots of earth and fire.  Do you want to lure things in and do AOE damage?  Then grab some fire, lightning, and a little arcane for spice and anything close to you drops like a rock.  How about you want to freeze a big baddie before he gets too close?  Grab Cold, water, and arcane and you've got yourself a freeze ray that stops the biggest bad guy.

So the magic system is fun, and even funny at times (like when you're playing on line and you cast a lightning bolt as you're partner casts an area shield.).  And speaking of funny thats another thing thats great about the game.  From the beginning the game has a great sense of humor.  Its not slapstick or anything, but it has just a dose of humor in a lot of areas.  From your mentor and guide Vlad, who makes a point of telling you in the first few minutes of the game that he isn't a vampire, to the locked doors, to running into a character named MacLeod that you can decapitate.

You can play the game solo or with a group online, both modes are fun in different ways and recommended.  On top of that there is a challenge arena that just throws waves of baddies at you until you die.  Again you can do that solo or online.  

Finally there is the cost.  Its only 9.99 on Steam.  For the amount of entertainment its definitely worth $10, and better than a few games I've gotten recently that cost more.

Some of my favorite spell combinations


  • F-A-S-S-S - Use this as area of effect or beam. Both work great
  • D-D-D-D-F - Makes a great fireball
  • R-S - Cold Beam, great for freezing things
  • E-R - Use as an AOE spell for a ring of freezing land mines
  • E - Cast on yourself. Makes a great armor for damage as well as deflecting beams.


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