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The latest game I've been playing is Magicka.  Its an action adventure game where you're a wizard running around you're typical medieval world casting spells. So what's the big deal?  Well there are a few great points to bear in mind. First there is the spellcasting system.  Essentially you're given a number of spell casting aspects you can combine for a spell.  First there are a number of elements (Fire, Earth, Lightning, Cold, Life, and Water), plus a couple of ways to enhance them (shield or arcane).  So you combine up to five of those and then specify how you want to cast the spell (as an AOE, on yourself, or as a projectile).   You can use your spells however you want.  Do you want to just blow things up from a distance?  Then create a fireball with lots of earth and fire.  Do you want to lure things in and do AOE damage?  Then grab some fire, lightning, and a little arcane for spice and anything close to you drops like a rock
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There have been a few new browser games recently that have grabbed my attention lately. First is a Flash version of Valve's Portal game.  This game is a lot of fun. I loved the original portal, and this Flash based one really keeps the feel of the original despite being in 2D.  Next is Zombooka.  Its a physics game where you have to shoot a protectile and take out a bunch of targets.  Nothing really new, other than the fact that the targets are zombies. Who doesn't like to kill zombies?  If Left For Dead has taught us nothing its that killing zombies is fun. Last is a browser based strategy game called Lords of Ultima.  Its takes place in the Ultima universe from the Ultima games from the late 80s and 90s, which were hugely popular to RPG fans.  Strangely though it takes place on a new world?  Uhm so are they just using the Ultima name?   Regardless from what I've seen so far its a fun little Strategy game that's worth checking
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This Christmas I got the latest version of the PS3, the PS3 Slim, and I have to say I'm really liking it. I've been a PC gamer for years, usually playing RPG or RTS games with the occasional First Person game thrown in, and I haven't felt any sort of burning desire to get a console.  Sure a time or two when a new game came out that was console only I thought about getting an XBox or PS3, but I never really cared enough to pull the trigger.  I had a hard time justifying a console for a couple of reasons. I had a perfectly good gaming PC, that I upgraded pretty regularly so why get a console too? How much was I really going to play the console?  It would have to be setup on the main living room tv, would I get a chance to play it enough for the purchase to be worth it? I hate spending money.  Well I do and I don't, once I decide to spend it, no problems, but deciding to spend it is a chore. Then this last summer I changed my mind and decided I wanted to get a
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Okay, so Bioshock 2 is on the horizon. Can you name a better time for a Bioshock review? I picked this game up on Steam around Christmas time. I was looking for a game to play since GTA IV turned out to be a bust for me, and Steam had it up on their site for $4.99. I figured how could I go wrong? A game of the year candidate for $4.99, what the heck. So I start to play the game, and I'm hooked right from the get go. The scenery is phenomenal. They did such an incredible job of the underwatever vistas that I was blown away. Right away you see this grand city under the sea as you're brought down in the bathysphere. The neon signs and the art deco architecture float serenely amongst the undersea creatures swimming in your sight. Then you get introduced to the story. And what a great story it is. You're drawn along, learning about the underwater city of Rapture, and its founder Andrew Ryan. Who is Atlas? And how does he fit into the power struggles that went on. What is with the creepy
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Left 4 Dead is a new game by Valve Software.  The guys that brought us Half Life 1 & 2, Portal, and Steam.   I've actually had this game for a while and just haven't written something up about it. The premise of the game is that you and three others are trying to survice a zombie apocalypse.  How the zombies got there is essentially your Dawn of the Dead/Shaun of the Dead/World War Z sort of scenario.  The player and the other survivors have to slug their way through the undead hordes until they can be extracted safely by the military. The game is interesting in that it is built to be played in co-op mode over the internet.  Sure you can play it as a single player, but honestly you'll get creamed at the end levels because the survivor AI just isn't quite good enough for you to survive. First what do I like about this game?  The graphics are pretty good, not great but good.  You won't confuse this for having hte latest and grea
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I just saw this announcement for Max Payne 3, and was so excited I had to post something.  I can't say how much I liked Max Payne 1 and 2.  I think i've already played through both of them twice and after reading this announcement I'm about to go play through them a third time.I have to say I liked Max Payne 2 better than 1 from what I recall (its been a few years), but both had a great storyline, and a atmosphere that really drew you in deep into the character.  He was so flawed, dark and brooding, but I wanted to see him succeed and take revenge for the games opening.   Oddly enough this dark, gritty, and brooding game takes a page from Disney to establish an immediate bond with the main character and advance the story at the same time.They kill off his family.I'm not revealing anything crazy here.  First the game is 8 years old, second even the original reviews refer to this in the first paragraph or two so Ptthhppt.  But anyway that's a classic Disney move mechanic.  Kill off someo
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I downloaded a game for my iPod Touch the other day called  Pocket God.  It has 1000+ reviews with the vast majority of those being 4 star rating so I figured for .99 how could I go wrong.For 99 cents its a great game.    The gist of it is that there is a little island where you can control the natives.  You get to change the weather on them and zap the with lightning, toss them in a volcano, feed them to a shark, give them an earthquake (by shaking the Touch/iPhone), and number of other things.  Its pretty fun.  Lets be honest.  Its not very deep,  But for what it is, its lots of fun.Overall its easy to control as well.  My son Eric had no problems playing it for a few minutes.  He had a little trouble launching the natives into the volcano, but then again I did at first as well.  But he could zap them with lightning pretty well, and pick up the shark. The graphics are simple, but effective and very fun to watch..  You fry a native with lightning and he turns into a pile of ash.  Drop
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So, I'm sure you're thinking.  Why am I bringing up BFMEII?  It came out about 4 years ago or so, what's the point?Well first of all I wasn't blogging 4 months never mind 4 years ago, and secondly I just rediscovered this game.  I was playing a bunch of Dawn of War and remembering just how much I love to play a good RTS when there was a Lord of the Rings movie marathon on TV at the same time.Naturally my brain put the two together and reminded me of these games.  BFME II is a great game, not perfect, but a lot of fun.I rememeber I didn't really like the campaign.  It was alright, but not quite as engrossing as the campaign of BFME I.  Sure BFME I was just the same story as the movies (and mostly the books), but you felt like you were a hero from the get go.  You felt like you were an epic part of what was going on.  On top of that you got access to special powers as they came around in the books more or less (like you hit 10th level and got access to the Paths of the Dead summoning pow
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Now I was really looking forward to this game when I first heard about it.  The screenshots were awesome.  The trailer videos were awesome.  I loved DOW I.  I was all set to get this game. Then it came out and I read some reviews...hmm, maybe I won't be getting this... People were complaining a lot.  It's not an RTS. It's nothing like DOW I.  It uses DRM like Steam and Games For Windows Live (GFWL).  Its not stable. Hmm, maybe I should rethink getting this game.  Was I really afraid of the stability? No, there weren't enough people complaining about it for it ot be a huge concern.  Sure a few people had problems, but not enough that I was really worried.  Was I anti Steam/GFWL?  Nope, I already use Steam (quick aside, when I first got it with Half Life 2 I hated the idea, then I built a new system and was able to install all my Steam games with just a click.  No more hunting for CD's or licence keys, and I was hooked). 
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No, not Dawn of War II, but Dawn of War I.  I was getting ready to buy Dawn of War II when I saw a lot of bad feedback on it.  Well while I was trying to make up my mind on if I wanted to take a chance on Dawn of War II I thought I'd boot up DOW I for some mayhem. Man I had so forgotten how much fun this game is.  Just the right mix of base building, resource gathering and slugfests.  No resources that run out (something that while interesting in the earlier warcrafts, got hold quick).  Not too many units so you get lost with them.  No crazy tech trees You just go in, and you slug it out. On top of all that the graphics are perfect or the game.  The units look cool, just enough detail.  Not crazy detail, but the units have a unique styling that makes you really get a feel for how they operate.  You add special weapons to your units and you can see them in hands of your game pieces.  Very cool. I have the first two expansions (Winter
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